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Cyber Quicktips: Remote IT Security Guidelines

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What are the top 8 remote IT security guidelines, and how can they help protect your remote employees? Find out in this Cyber Quicktip.

Remote IT Security - Best Practices


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What Are the Top 8 Remote IT Security Guidelines? 

#1 Enable local encryption settings for employee devices

#2 Require all local admin accounts to utilize strong passwords

#3 Limit external sharing of cloud applications such as OneDrive

#4 Enable the ability to securely share files and information externally and internally through the cloud

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#5 Review and enable remote endpoint security tools that can be centrally reviewed and monitored

#6 Turn on MDM to enable remote wiping capabilities

#7 Enable Multi-Factor Authentication for remote connectivity that expires after 4-8 hours of use

#8 Review your Incident Response Procedures with all relevant parties

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