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Boston Staff Augmentation

Cloud, data platforms and digital transformations have become business-critical technologies, and they've created even more responsibilities for IT departments. With so much going on, it's difficult for internal IT teams to keep up with break fixes, let alone advance or improve their infrastructure. So, no matter how skilled they are, your IT team is likely having trouble keeping up.

iCorps’ staff augmentation model enables you to scale your IT workforce on demand. With help desk coverage and strategic IT planning, we assign our best-fit IT support staff, whenever they're needed. Our staff augmentation model prioritizes:

  • Expertise: Large, specialized projects require tactical knowledge suitable for the task at hand. Our Boston consultants possess the skills and mastery of products required for those specific projects.

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  • Coverage: Even one IT person taking vacation time can set internal teams behind for weeks. We can recover lost time, or supplement IT resources during volume fluctuations, such as busy seasons.

Our Boston IT consultants also bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in a multitude of technologies. Given the nature of our work, they are constantly exposed to different situations that require deep knowledge - or creativity - to remedy. They bring this expertise to your organization, whenever you need it. 

Whatever your need for supplementary IT, iCorps’ staff augmentation brings new viewpoints and strategies to tackle your pain points. Our goal is to ensure your infrastructure is modernized, and to increase your knowledge and understanding of IT systems.