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Take the first step toward a customized strategy to overcome your technology and cybersecurity challenges, enhance productivity, and ensure compliance in today's evolving digital landscape.

Discover the iCorps Experience

Our passion, drive, and commitment is that every interaction, engagement, and conversation with our people, clients, partners, candidates, and everyone we touch is a memorable, impactful, and unmatched positive experience.

What to Expect:
  • Uncover cutting-edge trends and the advantages of leveraging managed or outsourced IT and cybersecurity services.
  • Gain essential insights on the top strategies for IT governance and compliance.
  • Hear success stories from clients in similar industries.
  • Learn what to expect during the onboarding process when selecting or switching to a new vendor.
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Managed IT Support

Our comprehensive solutions empower your team to concentrate on core business functions, assured by the security and efficiency of your IT operations.

Simulating Security Incidents- Tabletop Exercise Insights

Beyond ongoing support, we provide project-specific assistance and high-level consulting to help you navigate complex IT challenges.

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Your Business
Expert IT Strategy
Our team epitomizes professionalism and versatile expertise, ensuring that your IT strategy is cutting-edge and industry-compliant.

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Customer Testimonials

Hear from our satisfied customers who have achieved real results

"One of my favorite services that we use at iCorps is their 24/7 monitoring of our critical servers and hardware. At 3:00 AM, when I'm sleeping, I know that if something goes on, somebody at iCorps is going to be taking a look at it."

5 Stars


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Scott Parkis
Director Information Technology, Green Briar Equity Group Partners

"The level of support from iCorps and the reps that work with THB has really gone above my expectations. They're available really 24/7. They're available for me whenever I have a question, whenever I need to brainstorm, whenever I need to think strategically about what we need to do with our firm, and they're very dependable."

5 Stars


James Kennedy
Chief Operating Officer, Thomson Horstmann & Bryant, Inc