Strategic IT Staffing

Choosing and investing in the right IT is vital to the support and success of your business. Equally important are members of the team who support these assets. iCorps’ staff augmentation allows you to keep your internal staffing at an affordable level, supplementing with extra IT resources or specific expertise when needed. We provide coverage on demand with two types of staff augmentation:

    • Coverage for vacations, short-term absences, or augmenting IT staff resources for seasonal or temporary situations.
    • Expertise for large, sustained, or specialized projects that require a specific skill set or certified knowledge on a technology or product stack.

Flexible and Cost-Effective

You can avoid the pitfalls of overstaffing with iCorps staff augmentation, a flexible solution that addresses your fluctuating IT resource requirements.

Which of these issues can we solve for you?

  1. "I need coverage during extended absences or vacations."
  2. "I have a large project and don’t have the staff to complete it."
  3. "Internal turnover has caused resource shortages on my team."
  4. "I want to supplement my staff to provide flexibility and cost containment."
  5. "My business is cyclical, and I need to outsource during our busy season."
  6. "I’d like temporary help from someone with expertise in a specific technology."

iCorps has over 20 years of experience as an IT company assisting clients with their staffing needs. Whether your requirement is for a week, a month, or a year, we can help.