Philadelphia IT Staff Augmentation

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When it comes to IT, adaptability is essential. But in today's rapidly modernizing world, Philly IT leaders are under great pressure to meet growing demand. Cloud solutions, data platforms, and digital transformations are now business-critical technologies, but they create more work for IT departments.

With so much going on, it's difficult for internal IT employees to manage break fix issues, let alone improve overall infrastructure. No matter how skilled they are, your internal team may be having trouble keeping up. Fortunately, iCorps’ staff augmentation model enables you to scale your IT workforce on demand.

IT Services When You Need Them

For over 20 years, iCorps has provided Philly businesses IT staff augmentation and expertise. With help desk coverage and strategic planning, iCorps selects expert consultants to tackle the project at hand. Our specialties prioritize:

  • Expertise: Large, organization-wide projects require specialized tactical knowledge. Our Philly consultants possess the skills and mastery necessary to see these projects to completion.
  • Coverage: Even one IT person taking vacation time can set internal teams behind. With iCorps' staff augmentation, we can make up for employees taking time off, and the demand caused by busy seasons.

Ad-Hoc IT Expertise

iCorps' Philly IT consultants bring a wealth of experience across a multitude of technologies. They can be available when necessary, at any stage of your project—from software upgrades to the deployment of new technologies. Given the nature of the IT industry, our consultants are constantly exposed to different situations and learning opportunities, providing invaluable perspective to your organization. 

Whatever your need, iCorps’ staff augmentation brings new strategies for tackling your IT issues. Our goal is to ensure your infrastructure is modernized, and to increase the productivity of your technical resources. Augmenting your IT staff with iCorps' experts ensures you have support and guidance—whenever you need it.

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