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iCorps EncompassTM - Boston IT Support Services


Your Boston business is reliant on effective technology to support daily operations. The challenge most businesses face is how to prioritize the deployment and management of business-critical technology, and that requires specially-allocated resources and expertise. iCorps Encompass is a proactive IT support program with predictable spend—ideal for businesses of all sizes.

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Managed IT Services for Boston Businesses

Business Continuity


We employ a shadowing program—included at no additional cost—which assures that multiple iCorps IT consultants are familiar with your IT infrastructure. That way, even in the absence of one consultant, another can easily meet your IT needs. 

Outsourced IT Guidance


In addition to everyday guidance, you'll have access to a senior-level business and IT consultant to keep you updated on new and emerging resources, and to help determine which technology choices best serve your business now and in the future. 



With new technologies come updates to your older equipment and network. With iCorps Encompass, you'll have a dedicated procurement team to provide and deliver cost-effective and relevant upgrades and renewals for all of your systems and technologies.

IT Scalability


iCorps Encompass is built to be scalable. Our program not only monitors and guides your IT, but works with your systems so they can grow with your business, not behind. When needed, we can add specialized expertise and coverage to handle new projects and advancements. 




If IT is a core driver for your business, then iCorps Encompass PLUS program would best fit your needs. Leave all your IT issues and worries to us—and concentrate on serving customers and growing your company.

As a small business in Boston, you may not have the budget for on-call high-level IT resources. With iCorps Encompass PLUS, you'll have access to a senior IT advisor with the business acumen, and technological expertise of a CIO for a fraction of the cost. In addition to high-level IT strategizing, iCorps Encompass PLUS offers all services included under the Encompass program. 

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In-Depth Analysis

In-Depth Analysis

iCorps’ 360˚ Technology Assessment delivers an exhaustive review of your business' IT, presenting you with comprehensive view into your operations, systems, and infrastructure. 

Detailed Deliverable

Detailed Deliverable

Once we conduct an assessment, we'll provide you with an in-depth deliverable that outlines our recommendations and suggested solutions to meet your company's specific IT needs.

"The iCorps team has either known how to do things right off the bat or has been able to find the answers very quickly. Once I hit the limits, that’s where I can have the iCorps team finish things up for me or take it to the next level."

-Austin Brinson, VP of Data Analytics
Boston, MA

“As an Encompass client of iCorps, they really handle everything that we need in terms of IT. From our security to our infrastructure, to our day-to-day IT needs, we really can count on them for everything.”

-Tara Marchi, Director of Corporate Development
Summit Healthcare
Boston, MA

"We were ready for digital transformation, so our staff and our business could quickly evolve in whatever direction we needed them to—and we could better serve our members and lead by example." 

-Cindy Lyman, Executive VP, Finance and Administration
Associated Industries of Massachusetts
Boston, MA