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The Rise of Ransomware

In the first half of 2020, ransomware attacks grew by 715% as cybercriminals began exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic:

91% of MSPs say clients with a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan (BCDR) are less likely to experience significant downtime from ransomware.

  • Reduce downtime during a security incident or emergency
  • Quickly restore key information for minimal disruption
  • Help maintain regulatory compliance
  • Help you determine lessons learned after an incident
  • 4-in-5 small businesses with BCDR recover from ransomware within 24 hours

Key Features of Maximum Resiliency

  • Fast Failback - Uses a “Rescue Agent” for disaster recovery while performing a continuously-mirrored bare metal restore

  • Rapid Rollback - Allows incremental reversion to a previously-backed-up state without reformatting or re-partitioning

  • Instant Virtualization - Minimizes downtime after an attack or outage, with virtualization in the cloud or locally

  • Ransomware Detection - Automated post-backup ransomware scans and data  and boot verification ensures you know as soon as ransomware is detected

  • Two-Factor Authentication - Secures a backup solution to prevent ransomware attacks from compromising data

  • Secure Cloud Backup - Offsite, secure, SOC 2 and GDPR compliant, geo-replicated cloud infrastructure enables fast and secure disaster recovery