What Sets iCorps Apart from Other IT Companies?


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What Sets iCorps Apart from Other IT Companies?

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iCorps IT Services

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iCorps Technologies is an IT company based in the Northeast, that provides comprehensive IT support, IT consulting and cloud computing services to small and medium businesses in the Boston, New York and Philadelphia areas.

What Sets iCorps Apart from Other IT Companies?

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[Michael Lewis] iCorps Technologies is an IT consulting and managed services company in the Northeast. We work with small to mid-sized businesses. I think it's really great that iCorps takes a different approach at working with its clients. We're not just a help desk. We don't just do firefighting, but we prefer to take a more strategic approach to help guide our clients.

[Brian Pratt] So iCorps Technologies sets very high standards for all our consultants. From technology skills to interpersonal skills, to time management, basically well-rounded. We look for consultants that are great in every aspect.

[Jeffery Lauria] We take a three-pronged approach to our business. Our people, the relationships with our clients, and strategy, which we provide to them. Our people are certified in multiple competencies. Our relationships with our clients is a trusted advisor relationship. The strategy that we provide is really the value that we offer every day.

[Doug Bosley] I've been selling IT services solutions for over 15 years, and what I like about selling iCorps' services is the proactive and strategic approach to managing IT solutions. What our clients love about our programs is the IT leadership that they receive. They also love the staff rotation and shadowing model, which ensures that there's always four or five people at iCorps that know their systems, and lastly, I think it's the scalability of our programs. We can scale to companies from 15 all the way to 200 or 300 users.

[Brian Pratt] I can confidently say that all the consultants that I work with, I would recommend to send to pretty much any one of my clients at any time, for just about any issue.

[Nathalie Fode] One of my greatest challenges as director of HR, at iCorps Technologies, is to find great talents. Now the way we define great talents, at iCorps are candidates with great communication skills, great people skills, and great technology skills.

[Jeffery Lauria] We have a real passion here at iCorps. It's to help small to medium businesses flourish utilizing enterprise technologies. So every new client relationship starts off with an assessment. The assessment basically is a framework for us to move forward. We want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Without that assessment, when we walk in on day one, we're walking uphill. With the assessment walking in day one, we have clear guidelines for what needs to be done, what we're going to do over the next three to six months, and how to get you into a stable environment. That is the foundation of every good relationship.

[Doug Bosley] At iCorps, we believe that technology drives business. We get there by hiring the best consultants in the industry, develop long term lasting relationships with our clients, and, deliver IT in a proactive strategic manner. We handle your technology so you can handle your business.

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