Is There an Ideal Starting Point for Digital Transformation?


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Is There an Ideal Starting Point for Digital Transformation?

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Digital Transformation

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In this Q&A video, we'll address the question, "Is there an ideal starting point for your company's digital transformation journey?"

Is There an Ideal Starting Point for Digital Transformation?


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[Jason Chisholm] Chandler, I think it's fair to say that a lot of organizations are unique. And I know here at iCorps, we look at companies, and we try to figure what makes each one different from any other. And so from that standpoint, when we think about digital transformation, I think organizations are going to be at different phases of adoption, right? And so, when you think about a typical company, where is a great starting point? How does an organization begin that journey of digital transformation?

[Chandler Stevens] That's a great question. Starting points are important because, I think, starting points also help organizations understand where they want to go. And the first step is to kind of look at: What are the goals? What are the things that the organization's really trying to accomplish? Are they trying to cut costs? Are they trying to reach a broader set of customers? Are they trying to build services that are going to allow them to have a more speedy delivery of new capabilities within the organization? Those are all things that are pretty important.

I think that for getting started, it's important to kind of look for what I call quick wins. Look for things that are pretty straightforward to achieve and can be achieved in, you know, a fairly short amount of time. Because what we've seen work very well for digital transformation efforts is this notion of a snowball effect, where you have maybe a small number of quick wins, and then you build on the momentum of that into a larger, perhaps more complex or diverse set of digital transformation motions, and then eventually having a much more impactful approach across the organization.

So maybe start within a department, maybe start within a specific group, and have some wins there to talk of, and then champion those throughout the organization.

[Jason Chisholm] So would you say that it's important that there's a perception internally? So when you talk about the different groups or departments and the snowball effect, is it starting with a group that will perceive there's a change and then building on that?

[Chandler Stevens] As we often say in our industry, perception is reality. But it's also important to have some data behind that so you can show real gains, whether that be in a revenue sense, or maybe in the sense of reducing cost, or in—maybe reducing time-to-market of a certain product or service.

[Jason Chisholm] Got it. Understood.

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