Has Ransomware Turned Into a Business?


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ICYMI: Ransomware as a Business

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Cyber Threats

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Has ransomware evolved into an actual business? Find out what the panel of experts from iCorps' ALA Lunch & Learn had to say in this video.

Has Ransomware Turned Into a Business?


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[Lauren Looney - Datto] You know, no matter what industry you're in, no matter, you know, how smart your folks are, no matter how up-to-date you think you are, they've got these companies out there, they're actual companies now. They have 24/7 hotlines that you can call. And we're talking about bad guys, not the good guys. You know this is for support on their end, and there's a lot of really smart people that are crossing over—

[Chris Stephenson - Moderator] Are you saying fake call centers?

[Lauren Looney - Datto] No, real call centers. Yeah, yeah so ransomware's a business now. They have actual brick-and-mortar stores. Yeah, they have actual brick-and-mortar stores, and they have actual folks that are, you know, coming over from the good side. To them, sometimes they don't know it—they're being employed to do some of the dark work, and they're just not aware. So people really are the biggest thing, and unfortunately, we're all susceptible no matter, you know, what industry and how much we really do know or don't know.

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