How Long Should Digital Transformation Take?


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How Long Should Digital Transformation Take?

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Digital Transformation

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On average, how long would a digital transformation take your company to complete? 

How Long Should Digital Transformation Take?


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[Jason Chisholm] So, Chandler, when you think about digital transformation, I think lot of the questions that businesses ask really center around just how to start right? I think starting and understanding how long it's going to take. So how long would you say digital transformation takes for an organization?

[Chandler Stevens] Well, thank you, Jason. I think the question is not so much about how long, but it's more about the notion that transformation is not a destination. It really is a journey. There isn't really, in my opinion, a final state of digital transformation. Digital transformation inherently means that there is continuous improvement, that there's continuous capabilities being added or removed sometimes, to really allow for digital capabilities to be fully realized. I think that with digital transformation, the length of time⁠—there really isn't a length of time to get those things started⁠—but it's more about really understanding what are the initial goals for the process, and then mapping up against those and taking those steps.

[Jason Chisholm] And possibly revisiting the schedule as you go?

[Chandler Stevens] Absolutely. It's not a static, one time, we put the plan together and we just kind of move through the plan. It does take some continuous looking at what's happening within the business, what's happening within the market, and then more importantly, what's happening within, amongst the employees or the colleagues that are involved with digital transformation. These products are moving very fast, and so a plan that's put together with a three-year view is probably going to be invalid within 18 months.

[Jason Chisholm] Wow, good to know.

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