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Digital Transformation Business Benefits: Simplify & Harness

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Digital Transformation

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Do you know what it means to "Simplify & Harness" during a digital transformation? 

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[Chandler Stevens] Simplify, and harness. This focuses on really thinking through any manual business process you may have today, and making that more as an automated, repeatable process that is both reliable and has traceability. Meaning that we can actually track when processes occur, as well as harvest information to make better decisions. It's about enabling practical and line of business applications to use workflows, to use ability to automate time-consuming business tasks, and processes across applications and services.

It's about implementing purpose-built solutions across the organization, whether that be in a vertical or a functional way, and for specific areas of your business. Line-of-business application users need to understand their business needs, and best can analyze, as well as compose and streamline, this information for their processes.

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