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Digital Transformation Business Benefits: Productivity as a Priority


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Digital Transformation Business Benefits: Productivity as a Priority

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Digital Transformation

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What kind of impact does productivity as a priority typically have on a digital transformation journey?

Digital Transformation Business Benefits: Productivity as a Priority


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[Chandler Stevens] Productivity as a priority focuses on when deploying a new productivity platform or tool, enabling end users to maximize the investment in that new technology. Providing prescriptive guidance to move the end-users beyond a familiar or basic approach and instead take advantage of the latest features to raise efficiencies in their productivity.

It's important to focus on keeping productivity losses low in early deployment stages when adopting new technology, and making sure
that various services, whether it be the help desk or having champions within the organization be available to ensure that the productivity can be realized from these applications.

From a business benefits perspective, it's about minimizing disruption of day-to-day productivity during a deployment as well as a readiness session. It's about allowing IT teams to focus on regular work instead of thinking about the deployment. It's about fostering an environment for end-users to stay positive and informed during the course of a deployment of a new technology. And it also allows end-users to really get a grasp on realizing the benefits of the new features of the products that are being rolled out, and at the end of the day, it's about maximizing return on investment more quickly. Productivity as a priority really focuses on ensuring that new technologies land well in the organization, and can be embraced broadly.

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