5 Ways to Kick Ransomware's Butt


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5 Ways to Kick Ransomware's Butt

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Cyber Threats

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Ransomware is a top threat to businesses today and is growing at a yearly rate of 350%. This form of malware holds files or systems hostage until a payment is made, usually by encrypting files or marking them for permanent deletion.

5 Ways to Kick Ransomware's Butt

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Ransomware is now the most prominent threat to business cybersecurity today. Here are 5 important steps to take towards safeguarding your environment from ransomware before it strikes:

#1 Patch Your Systems [Gerry Picolla] Hi, my name's Gerry. I'm the NOC Supervisor here at iCorps Technologies. I oversee our help desk, as well as our managed services. The WannaCry and Petya ransomware incidents were attacks designed to spread using the eternal blue exploit found on unpatched Windows systems. Microsoft released a patch for this exploit prior to these attacks which provided immunity to properly patched devices. Machines which were just two months behind on patches were vulnerable to either attack.

Patching within business environments can be a cumbersome task. The two easiest ways to do patching is to have a third-party service apply your patches for you, or use an automated service, such as EMS, which will deliver a report saying which patches were applied and where they were applied to. Best practice for patching is to do patches as soon as you can. Testing is always important to ensure you don't break anything within your environment, but the faster you can apply patches, the faster you're going to be protected.

#2 Keep Systems Up to Date (i.e. Windows 10)WannaCry & Petya infected hundreds of computers across different industries. It is now more important than ever to keep your systems up to date. Modern operating systems incorporate sophisticated security technology. Businesses using Windows 10 with Advanced Threat Protection can laugh in the face of ransomware.

#3 Employee Education[Gerry Picolla] Because new threats emerge every day in the cybersecurity landscape, employee training should be an ongoing process. Employees should be encouraged to stay up to date on the latest threats on the internet to ensure they don't miss anything when it comes to looking for, and not falling victim to, threats.

To combat the ever-growing threat of spearfishing in cyberspace, some companies are going as far as to send out training phish emails to their internal employees. These emails are designed to train an employee not to click on unknown links or attachments within an email. Consider pulling your marketing team to create engaging e-mails to send your employees in order to, get their attention, and stress the importance of cybersecurity in the workplace.

#4 Managed Security — Managed Security allows you to enlist the help of a third-party provider to ensure your network's endpoints are protected. This managed service provides Deep packet inspection, Intrusion detection & prevention, Gateway anti-spyware protection, Web content filtering, 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring, and remediation.

#5 Data Backup [Gerry Picolla] Should the unthinkable happen at your business, and you're hit with ransomware, the most important factor in recovery is making sure your data is backed up and reliable. iCorps managed backup and recovery program is an image-based backup solution. Images are kept not only locally, but also replicated to the cloud. This allows you to recover your environment no matter what the circumstances.

Making sure your backups are usable and reliable, is just as important as having backups. iCorps solution not only takes backups but makes sure that you won't get caught unprotected. Should the unfortunate occur, and your business is hit with ransomware, whatever you do, do not pay the ransom. Not only are you helping to perpetuate cybercrime, but worse yet there's no guarantee that you'll get your data back.

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