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Boston SPAM Filtering Service

iCorps’ SPAM filtering is a best-of-breed cloud solution that our Boston engineers configure and monitor for a flat monthly fee. Our filter technology provides real-time, pass-through architecture that:

Managed Security CTA

  • Identifies patterns of disguised words 
  • Blocks emails from determined SPAM addresses and domains
  • Locates words in email content that suggest SPAM (such as “You are a winner!” or “preapproved”)
  • Secures your network by blocking threats such as SPAM, viruses, phishing, denial of service, directory harvest attacks, etc.

Partnering Against SPAM

iCorps SPAM filtering works with your existing system, providing automatic updates, without additional cost or downtime. In addition to blocking SPAM and email-borne threats, our filtering service:

  • Assures no message loss or disruption to email service
  • Guarantees 99.999% availability for message processing and 100% virus protection SLAs
  • Protects legitimate emails and sensitive content during transmission to and from the cloud using industry-standard SSL or TLS protocols