Philadelphia Managed Wireless

For Philly businesses of all sizes, iCorps managed wireless provides enterprise solutions for a portion of the cost and internal setup time. In the event of an outage, expert engineers will have your network up and running in no time, allowing you to stay focused on your business, while experiencing enterprise-level security. 

iCorps' Philadelphia-based consultants are experts in wireless network management and consistently deliver stress-free wireless solutions for your Philly network. We provide the expertise, hardware, software, installation, configuration, and patch management for 24x7 security, ensuring that your system is compliant and prepared for any security matters. Our support team is available round-the-clock, and here to assist when you need it. 

Microsoft Security Score

Vulnerability Analysis

Identify areas for improvement across devices, applications, and platforms.

Best-Fit Solutions

Improve the security of your IT with custom recommendations.

Free Microsoft Security Score

Improve the security of your IT infrastructure, with a free Microsoft Security Score. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, iCorps can provide this Security Score - allowing our consultants to assess your security posture and offer custom recommendations.

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In-Depth Analysis

iCorps’ Security Assessment is a one-time scan of your network and provides a detailed vulnerability summary report of your IT infrastructure.

Detailed Deliverable

iCorps will provide you with a thorough report that outlines both external and internal vulnerabilities and acts as a roadmap for remediation.

How Secure is Your Network?

Let our experts determine where your vulnerabilities are with an iCorps' Security Assessment. A proper assessment should always be the first step in identifying the vulnerabilities within your network.

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