Managed IT Services

iCorps is a technology diagnostic provider, meaning you can count on receiving an IT solution designed to prioritize your business's individual needs and goals. iCorps’ IT managed services are priced at a subscription rate, starting with a one-time provisioning fee followed by a set monthly cost. This provides you with insight into which services you’re getting for your monthly spend.

Anti-Virus Solutions

Our Philadelphia-based consultants possess the technical expertise needed to install and manage critical anti-virus protection across endpoints.

Secure Your Endpoints


Managed Security

iCorps' managed network security services provide worry-free network security to shield you from incoming cyber threats.

Protect Your Network 

Data Backup and DR

iCorps' Guardian program delivers enterprise-level data backup and disaster recovery solutions, ensuring continuous protection.

Backup Your Data

Vulnerability Monitoring

iCorps Vulnerability Monitoring and Reporting scans data reports to find issues putting your Philadelphia business at risk.

Proactive Network Support

Email Encryption

Our email encryption stops data leaks and prevents unauthorized use to protect the privacy of your email content.

Filter Your Inbox

Network Monitoring

iCorps' remote network monitoring tools work in conjunction with our Philadelphia-based IT consultants to monitor your business server performance.

Monitor Perimeter Threats

SPAM Filtering

iCorps' SPAM filtering is a best-in-class cloud solution that delivers legitimate emails but blocks unwanted junk emails.

Block Email Threats

2-Factor Authentication

Our two-factor authentication approach delivers compliant protection in line with demanding regulations.

Enterprise Authentication

Managed Wireless

The enterprise-level managed wireless service iCorps offers provides a secure, hassle-free solution for your network.

Work on the Go

How is iCorps' approach different from other Philadelphia-based IT providers? 


"Our iCorps consultants are working hard to ensure that we get to a healthy place within our network and are available as much as possible when issues arise. They take the time to hear what the issue is and address it as quickly as possible."

- Catherine Tyger, Marketing Coordinator
Vulcan Spring & Manufacturing
Telford, PA

By 2021, cybercrime is predicted to cost $6 trillion annually and cause a ten-fold increase in unfilled IT jobs. Learn how Philadelphia is curbing an IT skill shortage in this new blog.

How is Philadelphia is Flipping the Script on IT Skill Shortages? 

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"Our clients demand a high level of service from us, high quality. In doing that, we demand that of our vendors. iCorps has been great in that regard - it's a true partnership. iCorps has our back, and there's not much that concerns me."

- Brian Gibson, Business Operations
Coho Partners, LTD
Berwyn, MA

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In-Depth Analysis

iCorps’ Security Assessment is a one-time scan of your network and provides a detailed vulnerability summary report of your IT infrastructure.

Detailed Deliverable

iCorps will provide you with a thorough report that outlines both external and internal vulnerabilities and acts as a roadmap for remediation.

How Secure is Your Network?

Let our experts determine where your vulnerabilities are with an iCorps' Security Assessment. A proper assessment should always be the first step in identifying the vulnerabilities within your network.

Request a Security Assessment