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“Now that remote staff have fast, reliable access to files on the server, they are more productive both on the road and in the office.”

Joanna Manikas, Director of Business & Information Systems
Mass Insight



Full Case Study:

Mass Insight had been running an outdated server platform on an underpowered server that was too strained to handle the high demands of its workforce. Mass Insight collaborated with partner iCorps Technologies to deploy a new terminal service solution based on Microsoft Windows Server 2008. The result is a secure, reliable and more scalable platform that provides capacity for growth and functionality for remote workers.

Business Needs

MAss-InsightMass Insight had been running Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 on a donated IBM server that was underpowered for handling the high demands of additional users and remote connectivity. Because of the strains on the system, server performance and reliability began to become an issue that impacted overall efficiency. Because the company’s only server was no longer under warranty, any hardware failure would result in serious downtime for employees and a time-consuming rebuild for the technical team. The threat of a company-wide system failure loomed large as Mass Insight continued to grow, further taxing the server’s resources. Multiple applications were strained, including calendar management, because Mass Insight had a single workstation operating as a mail server to handle company-wide calendar notices.

Because the growing staff demanded a reliable, secure and scalable system for document management and remote access, Mass Insight connected with partner iCorps Technologies to deploy a new terminal service solution based on Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008 and Exchange Server 2007. The new platform would allow for better management of documents, applications and databases over the organization’s three divisions.


iCorps Technologies is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with highly trained, certified and experienced IT consultants. Since Mass Insight had been an established customer for several years, iCorps Technologies leveraged its institutional knowledge about the firm’s needs to design and implement a customized terminal server solution. This process required full use of iCorps’ technical analysis and project management skills alongside a strong knowledge of Microsoft Exchange server and other technologies.

After initial analysis, planning and design phases, iCorps began by installing three new servers for Mass Insight, all running Windows Server 2008 x64 edition, as well as a machine with Windows Storage Server 2003. The partner then added 2008 Domain Controller and Exchange 2007 to the server environment. After pilot phase and migration of data and mailboxes, iCorps retired the old server.

iCorps then utilized the new Terminal Server features in Windows Server 2008 to publish applications to make the remote connections seamless and user friendly. iCorps also used the resource calendaring feature of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 to solve problems with employee scheduling. Online resources in Exchange such as Outlook Web Access allowed Mass Insight employees to be more productive, even when not connected directly to the local area network. Finally, iCorps deployed Windows Storage Server 2003 for more robust and scalable data storage capacity. The entire implementation went from project approval to successful completion in less than four weeks.

The Benefits

With the implementation of a new terminal services system based on Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Mass Insight now has a secure, reliable and scalable solution that provides a solid foundation for the firm to grow. The terminal solution offers improved remote access, enhanced security, greater storage and improved server uptime. Mass Insight now is spending less money on non-value-added activities such as technical maintenance and can focus more on its core competencies and customer needs.

  • The new terminal services have been deployed to 20 staff members and six consultants with zero failures.
  • The average time for a user to set up the system is less than two minutes and requires little or no assistance from the IT support team.

Customer Profile

Mass Insight Corporation is a research and consulting firm that seeks to keep Massachusetts and its businesses and institutions globally competitive. The firm focuses on talent and innovation-based economic development and builds strategic alliances between higher education, industry and government, both regionally and globally.


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