Which Cloud Solution is Right for Your SMB?

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 The demand for cloud solutions for small and medium-sized businesses is burgeoning. IDC predicts that one-third of U.S. SMBs and three-fourths of U.S. midsize businesses will be adopting cloud computing services in some fashion by the end of 2014. According to AMI Partners, SMB spending on cloud computing will approach $100 billion in 2014.

The key benefits of cloud computing for SMBs include reducing IT cost and enhancing business growth and collaboration. Cloud solutions will also help improve business agility and provide easy access to capabilities that, until recently, were available to only large organizations.

But before you adopt cloud, you should explore the various cloud computing options.

This white paper is designed to help you better understand cloud computing strategies and decide which solution is right for your business. Download it now and learn about:
- Cloud market adoption and predictions  
- Myths vs. reality
- Various cloud models
- 4 key considerations before moving to the cloud
- How IT Cloud Services partner can help