Why Free Assessments Are Never Free

[Doug Bosley] 
Hello everyone, I'm Doug Bosley, Director of Business Development here at iCorps Technologies. Today I want to discuss with you IT assessments and the on-boarding process that you'll likely go through as you hire a managed service provider.

The good news is most companies in the marketplace will provide an assessment or discovery process. This is necessary to mitigate risk, assess the health of your network, and to size your program appropriately. The bad news is that the quality of these "assessments" varies greatly. These assessments often end up being more of a list of projects, services, or products from that particular vendor. One of the most glaring reasons for the varying quality of these assessments is the myth of the free assessment.

Through years of experience, iCorps has determined that to do a quality, thorough assessment of your infrastructure it's necessary to spend time on-site, to do a physical inspection, and run tools that can detect vulnerabilities. From the mountain of data we collect, a thoughtful write-up must then be crafted, server by server, switch by switch. This applies to on-premise networks, cloud environments, or mixed-hybrid models.

Our assessments also include a thorough review by our VP of technology. The result is a high-value document. This takes time and money, and it's for this reason that iCorps feels very strongly about charging a fee for these services. This has been validated over iCorps' 23 years of experience as the only way to be successful and is why iCorps still retains some of our original clients today.

Another advantage of our approach is that there is no commitment required and you get to meet and learn more about our consulting team as they perform their work. The assessment also includes an on-site meeting with your leadership team, where we discuss our findings and recommendations based on industry standards and best practices. This allows us to prioritize and plan your projects within your fiscal constraints. The result is a thorough and well-thought-out IT roadmap. This will eliminate unnecessary expenditures or costly surprises down the road, making our assessment priceless.

If you're interested in a thorough review of your IT environment and looking for a managed service provider, please give us a call. If you're looking for a stack of proposals that may or may not address your needs, go out and get a free assessment.

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