Digital Transformation Business Benefits: Modern Collaboration

[Chandler Stevens]
Modern collaboration really focuses on the end-user experience, and really thinks about how end users can take advantage of the new technologies and capabilities. It's really allowing them to work whenever and wherever with the device of their choice and allows them to smooth collaboration beyond just traditional email. It's maximizing client investments. It's about reducing short-term costs and ensuring that the organization remains ready for the future.

Sharing documents is an important part of modern collaboration, but it's also about the internal discussions around those documents and ensuring that the documents themselves are traceable and are secure. It's also about enabling content e-discovery for the organization with enhanced access to modern devices phones, tablets, and so on. And then lastly, it's focused on sharing imagined content knowledge and applications to empower more of the sense of team versus the sense of individual, and quickly finding information and seamlessly collaborating across the organization.

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