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Most companies today rely heavily on technology to keep their businesses running. Our clients are no exception, but they do have a distinct advantage: iCorps ensures that their technology drives their business success. We understand their business, and we understand technology. Our knowledge – and more than 18 years of IT experience – enable us to customize and deliver sound outsourcing IT solutions that function as part of our clients' long-term business strategy.

iCorps' full-service  outsourced IT services expands our clients' IT capabilities as needed with services that can be scaled. iCorps outsourced IT support takes the worry out of IT management – freeing our clients to focus on their business rather than technical or staffing issues.

IT services companies provide a smart and indispensable alternative or addition to your own in-house IT support team that broadens your IT capabilities – and helps provide lasting technology solutions that support your business – today and tomorrow.

IT Support Broadens Your Capabilities

  • Our proactive, fixed-price IT support programs keep your IT spending under control with predictable and balanced spending, and deliver proactive IT services that keep your technology and your business performing with fewer emergencies, lowered service costs, and increased efficiency.
  • iCorps Staff Augmentation delivers IT resources and expertise as needed, when needed, for projects as well as coverage for vacations and seasonal volume fluctuations.
  • Our iCorps Technical Consulting expands your expertise for longer term and larger projects. Whether you are realigning your existing technology or implementing new or emerging technologies in your environment, iCorps Technical Consulting ensures that your project works to support your business goals, and that projects are highly referenceable – delivered on time, on budget, and on scope.

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