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Encompass plus

Today’s technology is changing the way we do business. Companies rely on technology to support their essential day-to-day operations, but for companies that have identified technology as a way to differentiate themselves and compete more effectively—simply maintaining IT operations isn’t enough.

That’s why iCorps developed Encompass PLUS—an IT management program that tackles strategic innovation from brainstorm to launch. Encompass PLUS caters to clients who have identified IT as an actual business driver. It takes on your IT issues and worries, allowing you to focus on growing your business and serving your customers while gaining a competitive advantage.

A Comprehensive Approach to Technology Management

The Encompass PLUS program includes:

  • Strategic technology focus with advanced consultative support
  • Proactive maintenance and support
    with scheduled onsite visits
  • Advanced network monitoring and alerting
  • Account Management with quarterly visits to assist with IT strategy and planning
  • Emergency support through our
    live help desk
  • Projects/Out-of-Plan needs


Business Benefits of Encompass PLUS

For smaller businesses in particular, having access to a high-level IT resource typically is not part of the business plan – or budget. But Encompass PLUS delivers the benefits of a CIO’s deep technology expertise, insight, and business acumen– at a fraction of the cost. Additional benefits to your business include:

  • Strategic business focused approach to technology
  • Comprehensive,outsourced IT department on a fixed fee model
  • Transparent costs and simplified IT budgeting
  • Unlimited help desk during normal business hours ensures your staff is only a phone call away from assistance at no additional charge
  • 24x7availability ensures your staff can get help no matter day, time or geography
  • 24x7 network monitoring and alerting provides visibility into your key systems and business intelligence for prudent IT decision-making and prioritization
  • Range of skills and experience far exceeds what a full time IT employee can provide

Why iCorps?

For nearly 20 years, iCorps has helped hundreds of small and medium businesses navigate the tides of emerging technology. iCorps offers comprehensive, fixed-cost IT support, maintenance, and monitoring, along with a host of customizable options. With Encompass PLUS, iCorps offers a unique, enriched approach to everyday operations and long-term objectives.

Say hello to strategic innovation! With the right tools and technology, you can propel your business faster and farther. Let iCorps and the Encompass PLUS program help you get there.

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