End-User Security Practices for Remote Employees

What Are the Top 4 Guidelines to Help Ensure the Security of Your Remote Employees? 

#1 Create a Secure Workspace

  • Lock your laptop and any business relevant information when not in use
  • Safely have conversations and meetings without visitors eavesdropping or shoulder surfing

#2 Enable Wireless Security

  • Change your default Wi-Fi router password
  • Enable WPA-2 or higher encryption with a strong WEP password at minimum
  • Ensure your local router firmware is updated.

#3 Enhance Your Personal Device Security

  • Update IOT device firmware (Smart Thermostats, Surveillance Cameras, etc.)
  • Ensure default passwords are changed
  • Update software on all devices within your home network

#4 Review Corporate Policies & Procedures

  • Do not share corporate devices for use with family or friends
  • Ensure all corporate activities are performed on devices provided by your organization
  • Do not reveal business information on social media channels

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